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We believe  that all children are born capable and competent. CEC offers programs that encourage children to explore and learn tailored to their age and development. Each program seeks to foster the child's positive self-image through respectful care by dedicated teachers.

Play is the hard-work of childhood! CEC represents a Negotiated Curriculum, child-initiated and teacher-framed, to support project-based learning. Children create their own knowledge through hands-on experiences, with the opportunity to represent their understanding in many ways, including Art, Building, Crafts, Dance, Dramatic Play and Storytelling. By working together the child-parent-teacher learning community reflects strong process and outcomes.


  1. All human beings want to feel respect and self-worth and have a sense of belonging.  They model the behavior that they see, and repeat the behaviors that get them desired results. CEC has a four step approach to supporting children’s positive behavior choices.

  2. Adults model positive behaviors and appropriate, problem-solving language.

  3. Adults prevent misbehavior through attentive, compassionate supervision and the design of curriculum and the learning environment.

  4. Adults redirect children to different activities if their behavior choices impact the safety and well-being of others or themselves.

Adults hold children accountable for their actions. If an act is unkind, the child may be asked to make repair by fixing the object broken or checking in with the person harmed.


CEC believes all children can learn and grow given nurture, attention and the right tools. Parents are asked to ensure the child receives sleep and nutrition at home. CEC provides a morning Health Check with attention to screening per the CEC Parent Handbook Well Child Policies. Diapers and wipes are provided at no additional charge in all programs.  Children ages 12 months through six years receive two nutritious, organic snacks per day. Parents provide lunch and all Infant nutrition.

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