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Parent Partnership

Since establishing our first program in Berkeley in 1981, our goal at CEC has been to provide children with a loving environment that nurtures their growth and development by supporting their learning through play.


CEC encourages parent involvement, partnering with parents for their children’s early learning experience. Our learning community values diversity and collaboration to create a culture of respect and appreciation.


Our continued commitment to all families includes supporting economic diversity by extending scholarship support to 15% of enrolled children annually; this is determined by identifying families who qualify for state sponsored subsidy.



“The first and most influential teacher a child has is the parent.”


Parent-teacher communication is the primary co-held responsibility for families and staff. Through verbal and written communication of thoughts and ideas, and by demonstrating commitment through activities, projects and events, parents and teachers strengthen their relationship and understanding. CEC supports this partnership through various strategies, including:



CEC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of up to 12 active and alumni parents, and community volunteers. The Board members serve two year terms and are elected by enrolled families and the staff. The Board meets 6-8 times annually. Parents are encouraged to consider Board service.


Town Hall Meeting

CEC families meet two-four times per year to provide an opportunity for parent engagement. 

Content may include a Parent Education topic, a special assembly for Parent-Child engagement, simple potlucks.  Although not mandatory, these meetings are calendared in advance for the school year to enable parent attendance, which is strongly encouraged. 


Parent Conferences

CEC parents meet with their child’s teacher for a 30 minute conference three times each year; meeting dates are scheduled on the CEC Calendar 6 months or more in advance to support parent attendance.


Classroom Playdates

This is a classroom community building opportunity for children, parents and teachers.

Parents may choose to plan and organize the event to earn Parent Participation.

Parent Participation

  • Adults model to children the joy of giving when parent talent is matched to organizational need.

  • A minimum four hours of parent participation are required from each family, per month. Parent participation can be as simple as washing toys over the weekend, or as involved as planning an event or participating on the CEC Board of Directors. You choose your level of involvement or pick an item from the Wish List to purchase for the school (up to $50 per month).

  • Parents will be billed $150 each quarter if they do not document their participation on the sheet provided. 

  • Per current Community Care Licensing requirements, on site adult volunteers must submit proof of immunization (including TB test).

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