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Haneefah Shuaibe-Peters
Executive Director

Haneefah Shuaibe-Peters Ed. D (Dr. Peters) has worked in the field of early education for over 19 years. She holds a Masters in Early Childhood Education and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from San Francisco State University. She also has an extensive background in leading ECE programs, parent education, and community college instruction. Her specialty areas include infant toddler care, preschool environments, parent education, and professional development. Asa Bay Area native and mother of two, she is most passionate about providing ECE professionals with practical tools for providing excellent care to young children, while also supporting the families they serve. 


Dr. Peters has served the CEC community for the past 5 years with a focus on teacher professional growth, philosophy definition, and curriculum development. She has also established a strong partnership with our board of directors to ensure that we make decisions to continue the rich legacy of CEC in the Berkeley community.

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Shally Brar
Associate Director

Shally Brar is an experienced and dedicated education professional who serves as the Associate Director at CEC. With a master's degree and over 17 years of experience working with children from diverse families, Shally is committed to providing a strong educational program that emphasizes values, foundational skills, and purposeful play.

Shally believes that providing children with intellectual, emotional, and social opportunities is crucial for fostering creativity and social interaction. To support this vision, she actively works to build strong partnerships with the local community.

Her dedication to ongoing professional development is a testament to her unwavering commitment to providing high-quality educational experiences for children. Shally's passion for education and her desire to continuously improve make her a valuable asset to the CEC community.

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