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Haneefah Shuaibe-Peters
Executive Director

Haneefah Shuaibe-Peters has worked in the field of early education for over 13 years. She holds a Masters in Early Childhood Education from San Francisco State University and has an extensive background in early childhood training and community college instruction. She is currently in pursuit of her Doctorate in Educational Leadership: Early Childhood. Her specialty areas include infant toddler care, pre school environments, parent education and professional development. As a Bay Area native and mother of two, she is most passionate about providing ECE professionals with practical tools for providing excellent care to young children, while also supporting the families they serve. We are so exited to see how she supports our continued growth at CEC.

Shally Brar.png
Shally Brar
Associate Director

Shally Brar is honored to serve as the Associate Director at CEC.  Having earned her master’s degree in History and receiving a national award as a teacher in India, Shally has devoted more than 15 years to working with young children from diverse families.  She is committed to creating a strong, educational program at CEC where values, foundational skills, and play with a purpose are always in focus. As the associate director at CEC, Shally strives to build strong partnerships with the local community. She believes that offering children intellectual, emotional, and social opportunities encourages creativity and social interaction. Shally always refreshes her knowledge by attending leadership training and conferences as a personal reflection to learn strategies for reaching her goals. 

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