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Community Partnership

City of Berkeley YouthWorks​:  CEC partners with the City of Berkeley Youthworks program each year to provide employment experience to youth interested in developing a career working with children. We host approx. 10 youth workers per year, seasonally.


West Berkeley Library: The West Berkeley Library is a beautiful facility and a great place to support the development of our children's literacy skills. Our preschool program visits the library regularly for their reading activities.


Strawberry Creek Park and Orchard: Nature and outdoor learning is an important aspect of the CEC curriculum. Each week our preschool program enjoys the park and orchard as a standard weekly practice.

Bananas and SF City Council: CEC partners with Bay Area resource and referral agencies to increase access to our services to the Berkeley community. Each year we serve families who receive tuition subsidies. 


Habitot: Field trips in the preschool program is another way CEC is unique and special. Annually we take our children to enjoy the rich hands-on activities at Berkeley Habitot.


Chaparral House: At CEC we strive to develop the whole child which includes social experinces that enrich their understanding of what it means to be a member of a community. Each week the Mighty Butterflies program visits chaparral house to engage with our Senior community members.

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