Our Programs

Our Programs

CEC offers five program where children can explore and learn according to their  age and development. Enrollment in the CEC Infant, Toddler and Twos programs includes diapers.  Enrollment in the Toddler through PreK programs includes two nutritious snacks per day.

​Each program seeks to foster a positive self-image in growing children through respectful care by dedicated teachers.

CEC represents a Negotiated Curriculum, child initiated and teacher framed, to support project-based learning. The philosophy of Education and pedagogy of CEC is inspired by social-constructivist theory. Children create their own knowledge through hands-on experiences and authentic play, with the opportunity to represent their understanding in many ways. By working together the child-parent-teacher learning community reflects strong process and outcomes.



(3 to 15 months)

(3 to 15 months)​

CEC Programs